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The Haunting Scent of Poppies Book Cover

The Haunting Scent of Poppies

A Ghost Story

Victoria Williamson

ISBN: 978-1-3999-3888-4

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A spine-chilling winter ghost story set in the months after the Great War. Perfect for lovers of MR James and Susan Hill

The War is over, but for petty criminal Charlie his darkest days are only just beginning

Charlie Briggs is never off-duty, even when a botched job means he’s forced to lie low in a sleepy Hampshire town for the holiday season. Always searching for his next unwitting victim, or a shiny trinket he can pilfer, he can’t believe his luck when he happens upon a rare book so valuable it will set him up for life. All he needs to do is sit tight until Boxing Day. But there’s a desperate story that bleeds beyond the pages; something far more dangerous than London’s mobsters is lurking in the shadows. Could the book be cursed? Why is he haunted by the horrors of war? Can he put things right before he’s suffocated by his own greed?


Victoria Williamson is a children’s author who grew up in Kirkintilloch, north Glasgow, surrounded by hills, books, and an historic farm estate which inspired many of her early adventure stories and spooky tales. After studying Physics at the University of Glasgow, she set out on her own real-life adventures, which included teaching maths and science in Cameroon, training teachers in Malawi, teaching English in China and working with children with additional support needs in the UK. A qualified primary school teacher with a degree in Mandarin Chinese from Yunnan University and an MA in Special Needs in Education, Victoria is passionate about creating inclusive worlds in her children’s novels where all youngsters can see a reflection of themselves in a heroic role. Victoria has a deep interest in history and archaeology, and her debut adult novella combines her love of exploring the past with her fascination with supernatural tales. Victoria divides her time between writing, visiting schools and literary festivals to discuss books and reading, and running creative writing classes.