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It's Always Midnight Somewhere Book Cover

It's Always Midnight Somewhere

The Last Study of the World’s Greatest Supernatural Cartographer

Louise Mercer

ISBN: 978-1-3999-3887-7

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A steampunk masterpiece for modern times. Perfect for lovers of Neil Gaiman, Philip Reeve and Cassandra Clare

All things have patterns, if you’re willing to look hard enough...

May Snow is a supernatural cartographer, a pattern-finder, a draughtswoman of the unfathomable. Some say she’s a living ghost. When May sets out to trace the origins and path of the elusive Midnight Train, it proves far more difficult to unravel than any dark magic she has previously encountered. Fellow passenger Kara seems to know more than she’s letting on and why does she seem familiar? Who or what is the heartbeat of the train? Is it sentient or mere machinery? What are the passengers searching for... or running from? Dictating her findings into her trusty tape recorder, May discovers how her own destiny is stitched into the fabric of the Midnight Train, and that this adventure could be her last.


Louise Mercer is the pen name of a particularly productive 18-year-old from Philadelphia. This is her first book.